Tour Notes

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Providing a top-quality cyclist experience is at the core of everything we do and cyclist safety is our top priority. If you have any questions about the daily itinerary or our on-road support system, drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to answer.

Both of our 2018 Sportifs will follow this format on the road:

  1. Each Stage will have an ‘Early Group’ and a ‘Late Group’
    – Early Group depart at 08:30 – Average speed 25+ KM
    – Late Group depart at 09:30 – Average speed 30+ KM
  2. Both groups will have a pace car for 15km, after that the pace car will operate as an advance warning car.
  3. Both groups will have; 1 X Road Caption, 2 X Paramedics and a rear support vehicle
  4. On certain stages we will include a Control Time Marker. This will be located at an intersection on the route, and cyclists will be required to pass this marker by 13:30hrs. Cyclists arriving to these markers after 13:30 will be directed to the shorter route. If Cyclists are in doubt of their cycling pace, they can depart with the earlier group at 08:30hrs.
  5. These ‘Control Time Markers’ are designed to have all cyclists finished and off the road by 16:00hrs at the latest. This is very important as it is imperative that all drivers and support staff on each stage do not exceed a 9 hour day.